Let’s say you and a friend head to the library or a favorite coffee shop to spend a couple of hours working on college applications. Your friend pulls out her laptop, sips her coffee, and gets to work on the Activities section. Thirty minutes later, she has finished, and you have only listed two items and are struggling to remember more.

What’s the difference between the two of you?

Your friend kept an Activities List- a document that lists all of the activities she participated in throughout high school. Your friend simply printed the list, made a few notes, and then glanced at it as she typed items into her Common App.

You, on the other hand, have no such list. You sit and struggle to remember what you did your freshman year- three long years ago and are continually having to ask your friend what she remembers about YOUR past.

Having an activities and awards list can save you countless hours and help you create an accurate portrait of yourself on your college applications.

Know the Differences

There are many types of colleges and universities and it is important to know the differences when choosing the school that is best for you.

For starters, it is important to realize the difference between two-year and four-year colleges.

A two-year college is a community college or trade school. At a two-year college, students typically learn a specific trade or take general education courses that will transfer to a four-year college. Two-year colleges typically cost less than four-year colleges. Two-year college graduates earn an Associate Degree.

A four-year school is a traditional college or university. Students take general education courses as well as courses specific to their major. Four-year schools can be public or private. Students who graduate from a four-year school earn a Bachelor’s Degree

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September Checklist

It’s September, fall is in the air, SAT and ACT dates are set, and college application deadlines are fast approaching- even in a COVID world.

If you are a high school senior, September is the time to start college applications and think about your future. If you are junior, it’s time to think about potential colleges and what schools you may want to visit.

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