How do I help STUDENTS?


  • Selecting the right college(s) in which to apply
  • Time Management- never miss a deadline!
  • Assistance in completing college applications
  • Essays- planning, outlining, editing, and submitting
  • Locating and applying for scholarships
  • Interview Preparation
  • And much, much more!

College Admission Counseling for students

How do I help Parents?


Parents helping students with college application. Unraveled futures helps parents navigate the college application process.

  • I save you time and headaches!
  • Email updates! After each meeting with your child, I will send you a summary of what we did and what action items your child needs to complete before our next meeting. I’ll also include topics for discussion that you, as a family, may want to explore.
  • Access to the Master Timeline with all deadlines so you can also help your child with time management.
  • The ability to call or email me with questions or concerns.
  • Confidence that your child is getting good guidance and sound advice in the college admissions process.
  • Peace of Mind!

Services Offered

Customize Your Package

We’re able to apply a number of different options to help your student reach their full potential.

Time Management

Scholarship Applications

Narrowing Choices

Essay Planning and Coaching

College Applications

Interview Preparation