Unraveled Futures came about because my life felt like it was starting to unravel.

My husband and I were both working 40 hours or more a week. I was working in a school as the only counselor and we had no assistant principal. Our son was a high school senior taking several AP classes and with numerous extra-curricular commitments. Extra time was in short supply at our house. 

Being a school counselor myself, I knew the college application process could be daunting and was fraught with deadlines. We had a long road ahead of us. But, I also knew that we were at a bit of an advantage because of my background. After all, I had formal training in career guidance and college admissions.

September through February became a full-on sprint for our family. We completed five college applications for Early Action deadlines, wrote and edited about twenty essays, and located and applied for about fifteen scholarships at the local, state, and national levels.

It was a monumental task that required work and commitment from each family member. There was no way our son, who, as a high school senior, had no experience applying to college, could have done this without help. Thankfully, my educational background helped us clear a few hurdles that might have tripped us early in the process. Continue reading “The Story of Unraveled Futures”